Forgotten Festive Favourites

Fargo Film Still

Aaah, it’s getting to that time of year when it’s acceptable to let the mince pie crumbs plot your lap like a constellation and unwittingly stain your own lips with mulled wine. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your watch-list on hold in favour of sitting through Elf for the 10th time. That’s why we at Damn Dirty Apes are asking, when was the last time you watched one of these winter warmers while putting up your tree?


Fargo Poster

Nothing comes close to a cosy festive winter like the deep freeze of rural Minnesota combined with the colourful rustic style of the Coen Brothers. Even just seeing the iconic cross stitched poster gets me in the mood for a cup of coco and a snowy suspenseful murder mystery.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissor Hands Poster

Tim Burton’s much loved weird but wonderful ideas are pretty much the definition of an alternative Christmas. His attempt to blur the line between cute and creepy really hits the mark, everybody needs some love at Christmas and a man with scissors for hands is no exception.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports Poster

This is such an interesting spin on the Christmas folklore. Based on a short by a similar title, Finnish creator and director Jalmari Helander has a twisted sense of humour that’s received nicely throughout. If you’re ready to know the true meaning of a creepy Christmas, this is for you.

Children of Men

Children of Men Poster

Admit it, for you parents it’s all about keeping the kids happy this season, but what would Christmas look like in a world without children?.. maybe not quite the fantasy you imagine. This dystopian high stakes adventure is a must-see.

The Thing

The Thing Poster

The spirit of the season can take many forms, and so can the Thing. Set in the remote icy tundra of Antarctica, John Carpenters gore filled sci-fi thriller is one to comfort those who are stuck working far away from home this Christmas.

The Shining

That same feeling of isolation can go both ways. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of an un-hinged descent into madness can easily become reality when you’re trapped indoors with your immediate family and a 1000 piece Star Wars jigsaw puzzle, HERE’S JOHNNY!


Krampus Poster

The most recent film on this list, its amazing use of practical effects makes this a real homage to 80’s horror. What could be better to keep the kids in check then the looming fear of a demonic Santa creeping down the chimney to take them to hell?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Poster

For the late shoppers, following the life of a toy thief with a superb mix of humour and dry wit. Shane Black’s directing will keep you glued to your chair and suck you in with this well-crafted storyline from start to finish.

Black Mirror – White Christmas:

White Christmas Poster

Wild Card! if you aren’t aware of the (recently turned Netflix) series Black Mirror, there’s no better way to make yourself acquaint then with season 2’s White Christmas special starring Jon Hamm from Mad Men. Charlie Brooker’s vision of Christmas future won’t stop the scrooge in you but may awaken the technophobe – just try not to throw out all your new gadgets after this mind-bending watch.

I hope these were some useful recommendations whatever film you chose to watch this holiday. From all of us here at Damn Dirty Apes, have a merry Christmas!

Think I missed something or made a mistake, let me know in the comment section below! what is your favourite forgotten festive film?

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One thought on “Forgotten Festive Favourites

  1. The thing and the shining are true horror classics of which I am big fan however I am not such a fan of Christmas nor Christmas films so whilst flicking around the channels before the big C hit I happened upon Krampus and watched it with my daughter and her friend . We all thoroughly enjoyed it and found it just the right amount of horror mixed with comic cheese to give us some relief from the usual Xmas turkey . A good list of films here which apart from the afore mentioned and scissorhands I have not seen so will put them on my Xmas list for next yr , thanks .

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