The Ape Awards: The Best Films Of 2016

We may be a bit late for a recap of last year, but it’s fair to say 2016 wasn’t the greatest era for films, or even humanity. Some critics are saying it was a bad year for film. On the whole, we don’t disagree – but there were some gems that shone out of the bleak, Princess Leia-murdering year. Here, we’ve decided to delve into our stand out of 2016. Each of the apes has chosen something different and hopefully, you’ll have seen the flicks we mention and agree or you’ll go out and watch them. Without further ado… Continue reading “The Ape Awards: The Best Films Of 2016”

Forgotten Festive Favourites

Fargo Film Still

Aaah, it’s getting to that time of year when it’s acceptable to let the mince pie crumbs plot your lap like a constellation and unwittingly stain your own lips with mulled wine. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your watch-list on hold in favour of sitting through Elf for the 10th time. That’s why we at Damn Dirty Apes are asking, when was the last time you watched one of these winter warmers while putting up your tree?

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