Free Fire: Preview Q&A

On Wednesday 1st March I was fortunate enough to catch a preview screening of Ben Wheatley’s latest flick, Free Fire. The director decided to take his film on the road to be shown in several independent cinemas throughout the country for one night only, conducting a Q&A with actor Sam Riley after the screening. But we’ll get onto that later, how was the bloody film? Well, lock and load. It’s a riot.

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The subject of split personalities and broken minds isn’t necessarily a fresh concept to the world of film. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho presented the chilling Norman Bates. David Fincher blew our minds with the Tyler Durden reveal in Fight Club and even more recently, Ryan Reynolds portrayed the mentally fragile Jerry in 2014’s The Voices. It’s a theme that lends itself so well to films, giving us an opportunity to examine the innermost cavities of the human mind, often to dark and unsettling results. While these films usually promote their characters as weak, disturbed individuals, Split asks whether a mind that can tap into the strengths of multiple unique personas is actually superior to our own ‘healthy’ mental state.

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Quirky Viewing: An escapist guide to 2016


2016 has been a bit of a stinker hasn’t it? Few would argue that the combination of losing several creative legends coupled with bewildering political activity has resulted in a pretty depressing time. So how do you combat the harshness of reality? Well for this ape, spending some time in a wackier world than ours filled with even wackier characters is a good start. With that in mind I’ve decided to present a list of 8 quirky films that have helped me escape this year – a mixture of 2016 releases and films that have found their home remastered on blu ray.

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