Damn Dirty Apes is made up of a group of three northerners who love all things film. Or at least, all things that aren’t big brainless blockbusters, stoner comedies and terrible romances.

We like good writing, smooth cinematography and great acting. Thanks to our passion for quality flicks, we’ve decided to claw our way out of the jungle and start up this site. You’ll find reviews that don’t spoil the film, features that dig a little deeper into why films are so magical and an assortment of other content.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to watch the latest Michael Bay boom-fest on repeat, get your stinking paws off us and head on elsewhere. This is a place for true film fans…

Meet the team

Name: Ryan

Bio: A graphic designer and film collector, Ryan was brought up on a diet of Bruce Lee and 80s cult classics. This has flourished into a real passion for indie movies, film noir and the versatility of the Korean and Japanese cinema scenes.

Some favourite films: Harakiri, Vertigo, Akira, Blade Runner, Brick.

Favourite Directors: Alfred Hitchcock, Hayao Miyazaki, David Fincher, Denis Villenueve, Wes Anderson.

Name: Craig

Bio: Craig’s a writer by trade, which means he’s a big fan of good scripts, plot twists and great acting. His love of film began early, watching gangster flicks like Carlito’s Way much earlier than he should have been.

Some favourite films: There Will Be Blood, The Godfather, Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

Name: Richard

Bio: Fresh faced and keen to drink in all flavours of film, Richard’s interest in cinema stems from a deep love of sci-fi, his nostalgia for new Hollywood, the cheap foreign films shelf and an unnatural sleep cycle.

favourite films: Back to the Future; Watchmen; American Graffiti; Seven Samurai.

favourite directors: Stanley Kubrick; Joel/Ethan Coen; Wes Anderson

Contact us

Whether you want to chat film or talk business, get in touch at team@damndirtyapes.co.uk

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