Elle makes for strange viewing. The UK trailer for the French film, directed by Dutchman Paul Verhoeven, made it seem like I was in for a tense revenge story featuring a middle-aged woman’s rampage. Instead, I was treated to a fantastic character study of a pragmatic, uneven woman’s life following a terrible event. Elle, French for ‘She’ or ‘Her’ is perhaps the most controversially brilliant portrayal of flawed morality and pragmatism I’ve ever witnessed.

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Free Fire: Preview Q&A

On Wednesday 1st March I was fortunate enough to catch a preview screening of Ben Wheatley’s latest flick, Free Fire. The director decided to take his film on the road to be shown in several independent cinemas throughout the country for one night only, conducting a Q&A with actor Sam Riley after the screening. But we’ll get onto that later, how was the bloody film? Well, lock and load. It’s a riot.

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Let me preface this review by saying I’m not the biggest fan of superhero films. Aside from some of the X-men films and DC’s Batman trilogy, I can take or leave them. Logan, a film set in a timeline that may or may not follow on from the events of X-Men: Apocalypse (which was naff, really), is not just a good superhero film. It’s a fantastic piece of cinema. Fans of Naughty Dog’s game, The Last Of Us, will recognise the familiar theme of mentor and ward traversing through a bleak, gritty world, but Logan stands on its own as a grim character study of one of Marvel’s most enigmatic characters, The Wolverine.

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